Cat Loving

img_5419All my life I’ve been a cat lover. However, as I grew up I lost touch with the cat lover side of me. And this got rekindled only when I met my husband, who is also an avid cat lover. And recently I’ve absolutely been obsessed with cats , and the likes of them.

Don’t get me wrong. I love dogs too. They’re beyond adorable and they’re by far the best creatures God made on this planet. But there’s something about cats, that’s gotten me going head over heels for them. Below are 5 reasons why I absolutely adore these creatures.

1. They love to cuddle. I limg_4314ove cats and I love cuddling them. A moment of cat cuddle is nothing but pure pure love. How could one not like to cuddle a cat? This has got to be the top reason why I lovvvvvvee cats.

2. They’re playful. Kittens usually are so playful and watching them play acts as an instant stress buster. Besides, cats don’t ask for expensive toys to play with, just give them a yarn ball or a tissue roll and they’re good to go with. It’s also so much fun to watch them play with sticks and laser lights and anything dangling down from the table, ceiling or wherever.

3. They’re funny. Just watching cats be is yet another stress buster. They are up to silly things at all times. They get scared of stupid things , and jump up and around at absolutely anything, which also of course is too much fun to watch.

4. They’re purring machines. What isn’t to love about cats purring away to glory when you cuddle them? It shows their appreciation towards the love they receive. Cats purring makes you want to do more of whatever it is that makes them purr.

5. They’re beautiful, fluffy and gorgeous. Well not all cats are fluffy. But all cats are certainly beautiful. Be it their eyes, their whiskers, their tiny noses, and their insanely cute paws, their fur and their tails, man I could go on andimg_5257 on. But the bottom line is that cats are gorgeous, adorable and absolutely lovable too.

So these were a few reasons why I love cats. However, given the kind of animals cats are, I’ve had my share of slightly unpleasant experiences with cats too. I used to get scratched terribly as a child because I’d run to them and squeeze the hell out of them. I have also been bitten by a cat , at a friend’s coffee estate. This cat was very very unfriendly, and I had been warned about the same, yet the cat lover in me couldn’t resist giving her a little cuddle and I ended up with a few bite and scratch wounds on my hands.

But that doesn’t stop me and nothing will ever stop me from loving cats. I was, I am and I shall remain a cat lover forever.


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