We got adopted !

It had just been a few days since I published my last post about my obsessive love for cats, and I was in for a surprise.

A cat adopted us. That’s right. You must’ve heard plenty of stories of finding the perfect cat for adoption, about falling in love with the right cat and so on. But ours is one of those unusual kind of stories, where a cat decided to adopt us as his humans.

Hello There, My name is Rowena Pereira. And I’m a content creator from Abu Dhabi, UAE. I love and adore cats. My previous blog post was entirely about my mad crazy affectionate love towards cats. And to provide for this madness of mine, I live in an area that is full of felines.

Recently a very lively kitten entered the vicinity and my husband and I fell in love with it. Whenever we stepped out of our house, or got back, we’d find it and never forego an opportunity to pet it, play with it or to feed it.

We even thought of adopting it and getting it upstairs to live with us, but since we’d be working and busy, we thought we wouldn’t be able to take care of it. However we did get it upstairs once or twice to play, pet and feed it.

Well, the cat universe had made up its plans for us. One fine evening when we were ready to go out to run some errands, guess whom we found? This little friend of ours had found out the way, climbed up two levels of stairs and had waited patiently at our door step for us to take him in. Not a single noise, not a whimper.

And our hearts melted. We thought no further, and took him into our arms first and then back to our home.

We’ve named him Zeus. We’ve ordered a collar for him with his name on. It’s been 3 days since he’s adopted us, and we’re absolutely loving it. We hope we get to have him forever. 126E3250-659B-4CBF-82A4-670079306A476480D95E-7C91-496F-AE4F-4F8021E35F88IMG-5634



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