My Cat’s Favorite Toy.

Zeus my cat, loves to play with absolutely anything. In the first week that we had him over, he played with a flashy ball with a fish inside it. Unfortunately one evening we lost the ball, as one evening during play time my husband accidentally threw it off our terrace, and we haven’t found it since.

Zeus also used to play with a measuring tape. But that one tore due to the impact of his claws on them.

But, recently I made something for Zeus myself, which he absolutely loves. I tied a string (from one of my old pajamas) to the end of a bamboo stick and it looks like a fishing rod. Zeus absolutely loves to play with it and he goes crazy trying to grab the end of the string with his paws, and I have my share of fun too, having him chase it around the terrace.

Here’s a few pictures of my baby cat and his favorite toy for now.



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