Sunset Lover 🌅❤️

There’s something about sunsets I unconditionally adore. It’s as though this natural display casts a spell on me, and takes me into a trance. While the sun is ready to bid adieu to the city, the sun shines on me, its spectator, a vibrant golden energy, to march into the night with.

I have always loved sunsets. They soothe and calm me. Blissful songs begin to play in my head, and life itself seems so magical. I’d choose sunsets over sunrises any day, because sunrises are for morning persons and I clearly am not. 😅😋😂

The presence of water bodies around, while enjoying sunsets adds even more magic into the moment. I’d attain Nirvana just by gazing at the setting sun and listening to sound of flowing water.

I’m a sunset lover. Are you one too? 🌅❤️


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